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Professional development in KFSH&RC

Professional development is a leading reason that an international nursing job can help you grow in your career. Listen to American expat Judy Moseley, RN, M...

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Family Nursing Education: Barbara Voltelen

Barbara Voltelen is a senior lecturer at University College Lillebaelt, Denmark. She is also a health visitor. Third year nursing students at University Coll...

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Accelerated BS to MSN with Paid Clinical Residency

Program offers a unique paid clinical experience for dedicated students who wish to earn their bachelor´s and master´s degree at the same time. Deadline is M...

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Nursing 3 Cardiac Occlusion Part 1

This lecture is intended for students in my Nursing 3 course. This is a series of lectures for the CARDIAC 2 UNIT. This is part 1 of 3 of the cardiac occlusi...

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´Nursing the Nation´ poem Molly Case at RCN Congress 2013

Student Nurse Molly Case magnificent poem recognising how much nurses care despite recent media attempts to blame Nurses for all the ills of the health servi...

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Make a Difference, Be A Nurse

Today, nurses play an increasingly active and pivotal role in patient care, with more responsibilities and greater rewards. They are an integral member of a ...

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BRRH ICT Problem

BRRH ICT Problem.

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B. Braun Kinder- und Jugendwochen

Während den Kinder- und Jugendwochen können sich Kindergartenkinder und Schüler der Melsunger Einrichtungen auf spannende Reisen in die Welt der Naturwissens...

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One Love for Nurses - 2012

One Love nurses believe they make a difference everyday. Today is the same as it has been for nurses in centuries past though. Nurses are making a difference...

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Financial & Business Management Tips for the DNP Student

In this video, Dr. Waxman, editor of the book, "Financial and Business Management for the Doctor of Nursing Practice," discusses why understanding the financ...

Hace 10 meses - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nX_VmXcTNHQ

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